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Dear customers - Thank you for visiting our store! Please let's tell you our stories: who we are, what we sell, and our visions


Our names are Gore Jiang and Liz Yan. Both of us obtained doctoral degrees from University of California. We both worked as principle scientists in biomedical institutions in the United States (i.e., Universtiy of California at San Diego). We researched in areas such as toxicology, cancer biology, and diabetes. We published a total of over 50 research papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals including the most prestigious ones such as Nature, Nature Genetics, Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, Journal of Clinical Investigations, Diabetes, Journal of Biological Chemistry, and so on.


In the summer of 2004, we purchased a Joyoung automatic soy milk maker, and we loved it. It enabled us to make home-made organic soy milk makers as well as other non dairy milks (rice milk, almond milk, green bean milk) in about 15 minutes. Every morning, we put in soybean and water, pressed the "Start" button, went to shower, and then went back to the kitchen to enjoy the milk that was cooked and ready for us. The milks were hot. The milks looked, smelled, and tasted fresh, great and healthy. And the cost? It was almost nothing, and literally as expensive as tap water. We purchased soybean from supermarket for about $0.50 per lb. Each pound of soy bean is enough for making 6 bathes of 1.5 liter (or ~0.5 gallon) of preservative-free organic soy milk. 1.5 liter of organic soy milk costs as much as $4.00 in supermarket. It was easy to use, helped us stay healthy, and saved us a lot of money.

Then in the Thanksgiving day of 2004, we decided to start a business to manufacture, import and sell soy milk makers in the United States under the brand name GJS Gourmet (TM).


Over the years, our soy milk makers became one of the most well known brands of soy milk makers in United States. And we have customers from all over the world. To date, we have introduced a total of several different progressively advanced models of Gourmet Soy Milk Makers including BT737, BT888-16, and the most current GJS Gourmet Self-Cleaning Automatic Soy Milk Maker BT2018. BT2018 has more functions and preset programs than any other soy milk makers currently sold in US. BT2018's self-cleaning function makes cleaning easy than ever. All surface of BT2018 in contacting with milk is made of stainless steels. And it is priced to be very affordable. 

In additional to selling GJS Gourmet Soy Milk Maker, we are also a long time authorized dealer for Joyoung Soy Milk Maker.


We decided to import electric pressure cookers after our trip to China in 2007 when we saw one of our relatives use such type a product. Both of us were very impressed by the concept of electric pressure cooker: multi-functional (i.e., cooking rice, porridge, meat, bean, etc), automatic (i.e., pre-set programming for each cooking function), easy to use (i.e., just press a button), clean (i.e., no noisy jet stream from a regular pressure cooker), energy saving (i.e., at least 50% less energy needed than a regular pressure cookers, and at least 90% less energy than non-pressure cookers), and safe (i.e., 8 types of safety mechanisms making it impossible to explore like a regular pressure cooker). Over the years, we introduced a total of several different progressively advanced models including BT50, BP80XL, and the most recent BT900XL. BT900XL has digital control, stainless steel inner pot, 7 cooking program, and ability to adjust taste.


Cooking rice is a 2-3 times each day affair for many families particularly Asian ones. Making good-tasting rice takes time and techniques, and few people can cook good-tasting rice day in and day out. While there are all types of relatively cheap rice cookers in the market that will do a fairly good job, expensive and luxury rice cookers from Korean and Japan cook the rice the best. GJS Gourmet Korean/Japanese Style Multi-functional Rice Cooker BT56A is a luxury rice cooker. BT56A has many features:

- BT56A uses 3D heating technology which heats from bottom and from sides. Regular rice cookers only heat from bottom. This way, BT56A cooks rice quickly and evenly.

- BT56A uses dynamic heating technology. It heats at different strength at different time. Regular rice cookers only heat the same way throughout. This way, BT56A makes the rice taste better and more nutritious.

- BT56A used micropressured cooking technology. It cooks at 1.3 atmospheric pressures. Regular rice cookers cook at 1 atmospheric pressure. This way, BT56A is suitable for cooker whole grain rice, and saves energy

- BT56A cooks rice, porridge, rice crust, soup, steam, and stew.

With BT56A rice cooker, you can cook most tasty rice completely automatically day in and day out.

WHAT WE SELL: E-cigarette

 Traditional tobacco smoking is extremely harmful to health, and was the leading causes for lung cancers and many health complications. An electronic cigarette (e-cig or e-cigarette), personal vaporizer (PV) and electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) are battery-powered vaporizers which simulates tobacco smoking by producing an aerosol that resembles smoke. They generally use a heating element known as an atomizer, that vaporizes a liquid solution known as e-liquid. E-liquids usually contain a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and flavorings.  Because the liquid can contain only low level of nicotine or may contain no nicotine at all, e-cigarette can offer a great health benefit in comparison with traditional tobacco smoking.



All our products are aimed at making us and our customers' live a life that is affordable, easy and healthy.
We will do everything we can to meet your expectation. Please do nto hestitate to contact us if you have questions.

Once again, thank you for visting our store and reading our stories.

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