13-in-1 Gourmet Korean-Style Multifunctional Rice Cooker

13 Cooking Programs: Rice/Cook, Fish, Meat, Soup, Pasta, Steam, Fry, Yoghurt, Stew, Cake, Rice Crust, Reheat, and Preset. A Luxury Rice Cooker atLow Price
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Product Summary

Mfg Part#: BT56A
Rakuten.com Sku: 243086233
UPC: 713757705622
UPC 14: 00713757705622
Package Weight: 10 lbs


Tech Features 110V, 60Hz, 860W
Tech Features 3D heating using Fuzzy Logics
Tech Features 5 liter capacity for 8-10 person
Tech Features Best cooker at a price that is unbeatable
Tech Features Memory after loss of power
Tech Features Micropressured cooking at 1.3 atomospheric pressure
Tech Features Super thick nonstick inner pot for higher heating efficiency, durability, and easy cleaning
Tech Features 13 Preset automatic cooking programs Rice/Cook, Fish, Meat, Soup, Pasta, Steam, fry, Cake, Yogurt, Steam, Rice Crust, Reheat, and Preset function (to start cook anytime)

If you want to enjoy nicely cooked rice but you do not have much time to spend in the kitchen, Gourmet Automatic Multi-functional Cooker is perfect for you. In today’s face-paced living, Gourmet Automatic Multi-functional Cooker can save you tremendous amount of time in cooking.

Gourmet Automatic Multi-functional Cooker has several important features

First, Gourmet Automatic Multi-functional Cooker has a simplistic yet elegant and fashionable design. The exterior uses high grade high brightness plastics which is also heat resistant. There are no corners that are difficult to clean.

Second, Gourmet Automatic Multi-functional Cooker is truly multifunctional. It has seven major functions: Rice, Fast Rice, Porridge, Soup, Stew, Rice Crust, and Steam. Using fuzzy logics, the cooker uses preset programs to automatically execute all of the functions. These cooking programs are optimized and produce tasteful and nutritious foods

Third, you can choose the type of rice as well as the desired tastes. When you are cooking rice or porridge, you can first choose Pear Rice or Grain Rice. Then, you can choose Soft, Standard, or Hard taste. This way, you can always have the rice the way you want it!

Fourth, Gourmet Automatic Multi-functional Cooker uses advanced heating technology. Different from traditional rice cookers which heat from bottom, Gourmet Automatic Multi-functional Cooker uses 3D heating technology. It heats from bottom and from side. This way, you no longer have the problem of having the rice cooked partially. The foods are cooked efficiently and evenly.

Fifth, Gourmet Automatic Multi-functional Cooker also uses variable heating technology. Different from traditional cooker which heat similarly throughout, Gourmet Automatic Multi-functional Cooker heats differently at different time of the cooking process. This also helps to make nutritious and delicious foods.

Sixth, Gourmet Automatic Multi-functional Cooker use micro-pressured cooking technology. The cooking is done at 1.3 atmospheric pressures under which the boiling point (106oC) is slightly higher than the boiling point (100C) under normal cooking condition . Under the higher boiling temperature, protein and starches are more efficiently converted into amino acids and simple sugars like glucose, making the foods tastier and more nutritious.

Seventh, Gourmet Automatic Multi-functional Cooker comes with a 2.5mm super thick nonstick inner pot. The super thick port receives and distributes heat evenly, do not change its shape due to heating, and is easy to clean. The nonstick coating in this cooker is very durable not only because of the quality of the coating is high but also because the cooker only heats minimally due to its intelligent and energy efficient programming. (Please note that rice cooker cannot use stainless steel inner pot due to the need to preciously control temperature)

Product Features

· 7 cooking programs: Rice, Fast Rice, Porridge, Rice Crust, Soup, Stew, and Steam

· Rice sort/type selection (grain rice vs. pearl rice) and Taste selection (soft, standard, hard)

· 3D heating; Dynamic and variable heating; micropressured cooking ; and automatic warming

· Super thick inner pot for higher heating efficiency, durability and easy cleaning

· Removable inner top lids for easy cleaning

· Automatic cooking; preset set function; memory after loss of power. Cooking is automatic and easy

· 5 liters of capacity. Suitable for up to 8 persons.

Tech Specs

Tech Specs Capacity: 21 cups / 5 liters

Tech Specs 110V, 60Hz, 860W

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    Great steamer 4/23/2014

    Very happy with it so far. Steamed frozen buns in 10 minutes. Cooks rice just fine.

    HELPFUL?: Yes No

    rice cooker 4/20/2014

    Great high tech rice cooker. Arrived well packaged and promptly.

    HELPFUL?: Yes No

    Rice cooker 3/27/2014

    Excellent product.

    HELPFUL?: Yes No

    Perfect Rice Cooker 1/15/2014

    Have not yet tried all differnent types of cooking functions. So far so good with normal rice cooking.

    HELPFUL?: Yes No

    Simple, reliable rice cooker 9/28/2013
    Frank J. Fedel from Royal Oak, Michigan  

    We purchased this rice cooker because our dog has so many allergies he can't eat many foods, but rice is one that he can eat. He is a 50# Shar Pei, so we cook rice almost every other day. This cooker gets the job done for us with minimal work -- just dump in two cups of rice, four cups of water, and click "Start." There is a "Keep Warm" function that allows you to attend to other work while the rice is cooking, in case you miss the "done" timer. The pot is extremely easy to clean out - it's non-stick; just rinse with warm water and do a once-over with a soapy sponge and it's ready for it's next use. Two small annoyances (satisfaction rating of 4 instead of 5) are that when the rice is done cooking, you need to soak up about an ounce or two of water from the top ledge around the pot (the steam from cooking accumulates and condenses along the top edge) and if you use the warm function for more than about 30 minutes, a light film of rice-water steam residue builds on the outside exhaust port of the lid, requiring you to wipe it with a rag. Otherwise, it's a great time saver.

    HELPFUL?: Yes No

    Green Electronics LLC 8/26/2013

    Great product. Look too expensive for the price offered / purchased

    HELPFUL?: Yes No

    skimpy instructions 2/22/2013

    overall satisfaction is 4 because instructions could have been more detailed on other features/functions of the product

    HELPFUL?: Yes No

    Great Rice Cooker 1/14/2013

    Product was fine used it yesterday cooked the rice perfectly and the nice thing about the cooker is the other things it will cook and the fact that you have a timer on it so it will start the rice or whatever you want too cook when you want it cooked

    1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.
    HELPFUL?: Yes No

    Wrong description 1/8/2013
    Phillip Tran from San Diego, CA, USA  

    It's a 10 cups (1.8 litters) not a 21 cups (5 litters) as in the ad. I have to return it without using it.

    1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.
    HELPFUL?: Yes No

    Nice!!! 12/9/2012

    This rice cooker is very good. I could this plug in without burning the rice as my old rice cooker.

    1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.
    HELPFUL?: Yes No

    Defect Item 12/2/2012
    TT from Colorado  

    As power plugged in "E2" displayed on the LCD. Could not do anything but contact Buy.com customer service and asked for help since there is not phone number but email address from this seller. I would rather have Buy.com dealing with this seller since I am a very first time buyer from this seller and very disappointed.

    1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.
    HELPFUL?: Yes No

    Great product 12/2/2012
    Eugene from NC  

    This is a great product. Hopefully, it will last. The only problem with it is the condensed water on the lid has no where to go other than to the top edge when you open the lid. The only way to clean it is to use a paper towel to dry it. This seems to be a design issue. It would be nice to have a mechanism to drain the condensed water from the lid, but this is just a very minor problem.

    1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.
    HELPFUL?: Yes No

    Love it!! 11/21/2012

    Love this product!! I used it the first time for brown rice, which was a pain to cook in my old steamer. It turned out perfectly. I especially love the delayed start feature, because we host minor league baseball players during the summer and I can set it to start before we leave for the game and it's on warm when I return to finish up their dinner. They eat really late! It is super easy to clean and operating it is a breeze. So happy I purchased this. Haven't used it to steam veggies yet, but soon...

    1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.
    HELPFUL?: Yes No
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